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5 Easy Ways to Request IT Support

IT First ResponderKnowledge Hubmanageseek support 1. Create a ticket through ITFR Taskbar Icon The fastest way to create a ticket with us is through the ITFR icon on the taskbar that stays on the bottom left corner of your screen. Right click on the icon and open...

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Cell Phone Hacking

IT First ResponderKnowledge Hub G’day world - Dan here and I learned something new today about how easily cellphones can be hacked. This concerned me as I know how many of our clients keeppersonal information on smartphones.I am sure I don’t have to tell you that our...

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9 Things You Can Do With An Old SmartPhone

IT First ResponderBlog G’day - Dan here. I am sure you are like me, a few older smartphones laying around the house. Too old to trade in, but still good enough to use. During a search of what to do with these phones, I came across an article that mentioned if they are...

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