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Does my business need Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber security is no longer optional in today’s tech-centered world. Due to the sophistication of cybercrime, there is no technology, software, or solution that can 100% guarantee protection. Therefore, we recommend implementing tools that will help minimise the damage if disaster strikes.
Cyber Liability insurance can come in handy when it comes to damage control and recovering losses as a result of a cyber-attack.

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5 Easy Ways to Request IT Support

More likely than not you have at least one device that might require IT support from time to time. As a valued customer of ITFR you have access to various channels to request IT support and help from one of our experts.

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Cell Phone Hacking

G’day world – Dan here and I learned something new today about how easily cell phones can be hacked. This concerned me as I know how many of our clients keep personal information on smartphones.

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