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February 24, 2021
9 Things You Can Do With An Old SmartPhone
By Dan Boufarhat

G’day – Dan here. I am sure you are like me, a few older smartphones laying around the house. Too old to trade in, but still good enough to use.

During a search of what to do with these phones, I came across an article that mentioned if they are still able to connect to Wi-Fi then there is still a use for them. This came as a relief as I felt guilty for thinking of throwing them out!

Who needs an Amazon Echo or a Google Home to retrieve information? I set up my old iPhone in the kitchen so I can use Siri to look for a recipe or to set a timer for that roast that just went into the oven. I also have one set up in my bedroom as an alarm clock, which doesn’t require Wi-Fi at all!
Let me know if you find any other uses that aren’t mentioned in the article.
Until next week!


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